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The first call launched by the NGO Fund, Fund for Bilateral Relations aims at increasing the cooperation between the entities in Romania and the donating states (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), enriching the mutual knowledge and understanding of their activities. The Fund for Bilateral Relation’s principal objective is to support the NGO organizations of Romania in developing a sustainable partnership and preparing the applications for the bilateral projects of NGO funds.


At the NGO Fund’s launching in Romania I had the chance to build up relationships with the representatives of the organizations from the donating countries, where I had the pleasure to acquaint with Mr. Sylo Taraku, the Norwegian Likestilling, Integrering, Mangfold- LIM organization’s general secretary. The motivation to develop a partnership with the organization was high as I realized that we share the same opinions and ideologies.


In the view of establishing a partnership, the Amoba Foundation initiated a project, titled: Work meeting in Sfantu Gheorghe, this being selected to benefit of financing. The partnership between the Amoba Foundation and the Norwegian organization LIM was settled by actual mobility, which took place in the period of 30th June- 3rd July 2013 in Sfantu Gheorghe.



The meeting turned out to be very useful for establishing the objectives of the partnership, the principal objective being the settling of a long term efficient and stable partnership, in elaborating of a project by the ONG Fund having Social Justice as component and Rural Interethnic Community Development as subcomponent. The project envisions the interethnic community’s development and the enriching of the Romany’s situations in Valea Crisului, Covasna county by education and schooling, children’s mentoring, consultation on finding a job, and on health and family, implication and mobilizing, fighting poverty and social inequalities.


By keeping in touch by e-mail with the Norwegian partner, and also by the mobility programme of 4 days we had many discussions about the Romany community. For a better understanding of their situations I have presented to Mrs. Ingalill Sandal a film about a day of a family from the Romany community, also, at the scene, our local partners, representatives of the Kalnoky Ludmilla Association and of the Valea Crisului’s local council, held an orientating presentation on the life of the community in general and on the lives and situations of the Romany people from the community.


Although the presentations stood as preliminary preparation, the inspection on scene, was a unique experience for Mrs. Sandal, her not knowing before the kind of life that was presented, like the life of the Romany community from Valea Crisului. She was overwhelmed by feelings and sparked by ideas regarding future activities. This experience changed the Norwegian partner’s visualization, as the reality totally differs from the notions formed, thus having a better understanding of the importance of changing these situations.


fondulONGThe project is supported by the Romanian Norwegian Civil FundEEA
in Romania the program is funded by the EEA GRANTS
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