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What is the GTP?

GTP unites secondary school pupils from all over the world in a safe, structured virtual environment, thereby helping to bridge the cultural and digital divide between the developing and developed world. So far, around 3000 teachers and students from 200 classes in over 29 countries are taking part and the number is rising every month. Click here to read more about the Global Teenager Project. Twice a year, clusters of 8-12 classes from different schools link up via email to form virtual Learning Circles, the main activity of the Global Teenager Project. They discuss a theme of their choice for the next 10 weeks and the outcomes of their discussions are posted real-time on the Virtual Campus. There are currently 165 classes active in the Learning Circles. Click here to read more about the Learning Circles and other collaborative GTP activities


The aim

The aim of the Global Teenager Project is twofold: to improve the quality of secondary school education by introducing schools to the exciting new applications of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-media; and, to promote inter-cultural awareness and sensitivity by opening up regular, lively classroom debates in a safe, structured environment, comprising secondary school pupils from all over the world. The debates during the main activity, Learning Circles, take place on a Virtual Campus which can be likened to a university campus, only in cyberspace. In this way, the GTP is revolutionizing classroom teaching.


GTP activities

There are a number of other GTP activities, including the Learning Circles. They range from collaborative projects, joint workshops, conferences and chat sessions. The basic activity of GTP is the learning circle.


The Learning circle structure


Week 00 Startup phase. Test of e-mail and login the virtual campus.
Week 0 Getting ready; preparations in the class, test of IICD E-mail list server.
Week 1 Learning Circle partners meet each other by a Teacher-Chat and by exchanging Teachers and Class Letters.
Week 2-3 Each class sponsors one question for the Learning Circle.
Weeks 4-7 Students respond to all of the questions in the Learning Circle.
Week 8-9 Students prepare a summary of the responses to their sponsored question for the ‘Circle Publication’. Send summary to Learning Circle partners
Weeks 10 Closing the Learning Circle.


How to join

If you would like to join the Global Teenager Project, please contact one of the GTP Programme managers directly at the email address or telephone number below. If other schools your country are already participating in the project we will bring you into contact with your Country Coordinator.


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